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2019 Of Kin Give Thanks Studio Potluck

2019 Give Thanks Studio Potluck

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Each year we gather together to give thanks and practice gratitude. This year join us for an Afternoon Tea Potluck in the Of Kin studio in South Melbourne.

Yes, this year I'm asking you to bring a plate to share with gratitude and grace with likehearted friends. x

Sunday 24 November 2019
2pm - 5pm

Of Kin Studio
Ground Floor, Studio 2
87 Gladstone St
South Melbourne VIC

$20 per person includes entry and donation to Fifteen Trees and Climate7.

Street parking is available on Sunday.

Public Transport:
109 and 12 Trams have very close stops within 5 minutes walking distance.

Ride Sharing:
We recommend Shebah, Australia’s first and only active all-female rideshare service getting women and children where they need to go. Prebook ahead of time to make it easy.

*Go big on earrings, but low on heels
*No name tags, so wearable flare encouraged!
*Tickets are transferable but not refundable.
*Bring your business cards to share around. You're going to make some new friends!

Why A Potluck?

This year I’ve leaned into practising two big things:

  • Asking for help
  • Setting and holding boundaries

So this year for our Give Thanks, I’m calling in both. The reality is I’ve been working and travelling a lot this year, in service of making the world a braver place. This is absorbed all my energy and focus. And while I really wanted to find the perfect venue, with fantastic food that tastes amazing and does social good for our annual Give Thanks gathering, my calendar had other ideas.  So here’s where I’m at.

I’m inviting you to an afternoon tea Studio Potluck to Give Thanks this year.

What Is A Potluck I Hear You Ask?

It’s where everyone brings something to share, and whatever turns up is well, potluck!

So I’m asking for your help, by helping me live into a boundary where I don’t feed my own unrealistic, unrelenting standards of believing I have to do everything on my own. Because I am not a superwoman. I do not have it all worked out. And I can fly by the seat of my pants as good as the next woman in business trying to keep her shit together. And because the very best part of us gathering is each other.

So are you in?

Look, I hear you. The idea of having to bring something might just sound like more work. So maybe we could have some guidelines to help take the pressure off?

  • A dish that you could make with 5 ingredients in 10 minutes? I’m thinking a salad of some description.
  • Something that requires only chopping for under $20? May I suggest a seasonal fruit platter?
  • How about a dish that only requires unwrapping and assembling? Did someone say CHEESE?
  • What about a dish that could be made entirely in a blender? Ooo, smoothie jars!
  • Also, there will be no judgment for the inevitable packet of Iced Vovos or Clinckers that are likely to turn up.

I plan to make my mini Eton Mess pots - literally smashing up merguines, topping with organic yoghurt and berries, and serving them in my Bakers Drawer.

I’ll take care of the drinks (please note this is a non-alcoholic event). And please let's trying and keep our gathering as zero-waste as possible.

Should you be inclined to extend yourself to actually COOKING/BAKING something, you might just earn yourself a gold star at the door and enter the Of Kin Hall of Fame.

$20 entry will be donated to Fifteen Trees - an enterprise that restores habits and contributes to climate neutrality through native tree planning across Australia, started by three women. This will help carbon offset your travel to and from the event.

We will also be launching a fantastic initiative from local female academic, Rachel Forgasz called Climate7 and you’ll all get a beautiful poster to take home. And if you’re interested, I can have a little chat about what I learned from Al Gore earlier this year.


Fifteen Trees from Georgia Sampson on Vimeo.


I hope you’ll come!



Kylie x



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