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Individual Coaching For The Curious & Creative

Individual Coaching For The Curious & Creative

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My coaching offering is currently at capacity. Please email me at to go on the waitlist, or consider joining a Dare To Lead™ workshop. Warm wishes, Kylie


If you're looking to make changes to the way you work, lead, live and love this year, now is the time to harness the momentum of a new beginning.

Having coached founders, creatives, entrepreneurial pioneers, leap takers and career changers, I know the power of asking the right question at the right time can have on the trajectory of your life. Making space to get clear on your values, priorities and ambitions is the key to overcoming self-doubt, dealing with inner critics and quashing procrastination.

Every champion has a coach to take them places they can't get to on their own. If you're looking to explore what you're truly capable of and to play bigger in your life, now is the time to make a start.


Courage Package 
(Discovery session + 6 one-hour sessions)

Building courage muscles, and making a substantial and sustainable change in how you work and live takes commitment.  Building accountability into your routine by meeting regularly with a coach helps you develop your skills quicker and with deeper impact. This package is especially great for leap takers, procrastinators, startup founders and people constantly juggling multiple, competing demands. If you're swamped with overwhelm, feeling chaotic, stuck and unsure, this package is especially for you.

Throughout the sessions we unpack your deeply held values, your higher purpose, what success looks like for you and where you're at in the season of your life.  We delve into how to bring courage to your work, life and love, and how to rise strong when things don't always go to plan. Self-leadership is the beginning of all meaningful change, and can only be cultivated over time. Your time can start now with this package.


Progress Package
(Discovery session + 3 one-hour sessions)

Beyond the initial discovery session, three more 60-minute sessions follow to build momentum and accountability in the areas in your life prioritised by your values and ambitions. Each session builds on the previous session, to progress the achievement of your leadership capability and action taking skills.

In these sessions, we'll look more closely into your self-talk, daily/weekly habits, productivity blockers and making time and space for change.

Supplementary materials may be sent to you to work on between sessions if appropriate.


Discovery Session

Start your journey into discovering the next version of you. This 1½ - 2 hour session, is designed to kickstart your momentum into initiating change and building your courage.  Prior to the one-on-one session, you'll be required to complete prework to discover your beliefs and values, verify your unique strengths and start the process of self-awareness.

Throughout our discussion, we'll dig into your personal priorities and set a course to bring clarity and purpose to your work going forward. Follow-up notes and actions will be sent to you after the session.

Power Hour
After completing your Discover Session, purchase Power Hour follow-up sessions as required to keep building your way forward.


Who I coach

I have coached clients around the world in all stages of life and career. I most commonly coach women in their 30s - 60s who are juggling career transitions, starting or running a business, and parenthood/caring responsibilities.  I also have a handful of very self-aware men, looking for an alternative, humanised approach to working and living with purpose.

All coaching is conducted via live video meetings on the most reliable online meeting platform on the market, Zoom Meeting

If you are based in Melbourne, sessions may also be delivered face to face in St Kilda, Elwood, Caulfield, Armadale, Prahran, Windsor, Malvern, Albert Park, Middle Park, Port Melbourne, South Melbourne during business hours.

Sessions are delivered monthly unless negotiated otherwise.

What happens now?
After you have purchased your package, I will be in contact with you to send you the required prework for our Discovery Session, and to book session dates/times.


About Kylie Lewis

"The thing that gets me out of bed each morning is the idea of inspiring people to think more about things that matter to them, and building their courage to do something about it. My ultimate mission is to move people."

Kylie holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons)(Psychology & Sociology), Masters in eBusiness and Communication and is a Certified Executive Coach (IECL) and Wellness Coach (Wellness Coaching Australia). She is an accredited facilitator of Dr Brené Brown's Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ curriculum (and coming early 2019, Dare To Lead™), a practitioner of Dr Judith Glaser's Conversational Intelligence™ research, and currently a doctoral researcher into behaviour change.

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