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PREORDERS NOW AVAILABLE: Days of Possible Diary 2018 *Limited edition

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(Diaries are currently being handmade in Melbourne)


A beautifully designed and carefully considered 2018 weekly and monthly diary for curious, creative, wholehearted entrepreneurial business types, who care about the finer details.

A Note From The Creator
Your year is yours for the making.
And I want to encourage you to live your life by design, not by default.
To fill it purposefully with the people and the work that stokes your fire so your possibility burns bright.
It starts by giving yourself permission to show up, be true and live brave. get clear on your beliefs to help guide the way.
Uncover your strengths and use them generously. Identify what you want to keep, stop and start doing. Ask yourself regularly, ‘what would courage do?’
Get to know your inner mentor, and let them help you say what the heart knows. LISTEN. Please take care of your most precious asset – YOU.
Design your days around how you, as a human being, work best. Remember, constant engagement is not where magic, creativity, growth or change happens. the most important work you need to do doesn't happen in front of a screen.
Pause. Think. Reflect. Write. Walk . Breathe.

We can never know what is truly possible in our lives, other than it is more than we can imagine. Our choices are indeed, limitless.
Let's make them good ones.
Lovingly, Kylie


Weekly View

    • Vertical week to a view layout over a double page spread
    • Dot grid layout
    • Timed intervals
    • Space for daily/weekly notes
    • Starts on Monday
Monthly View
    • Month to a view over a double page spread
    • Grouped at back of diary


    • Provocation page: Permission Slips
    • Provocation page: I Believe Manifesto
    • Provocation page: Strength of Character
    • Provocation page: Keep/Stop/Start
    • Provocation page: What would courage do?
    • Provocation page: Inner Mentor
    • Provocation page: Soul Care
    • Provocation page: Good Day Design 
    • Space to think pages
    • Love Letter to my future self

Possibilities Play Pack

    • Curated Blank Goods sticker selection
    • 3 x drop paper clips
    • 1x hollow wire binder clip


      • B5 size
      • Copper spiral binding to open flat, and store a pen
      • Hazelnut linen cloth cover to keep your best friend well dressed all year
      • Deboss cover text
      • Elastic enclosure
      • Internal back pocket
      • Highly rated eco paper
      • Designed, printed and handbound in Melbourne, Australia

      Limited Edition

        • Only 90 available



        Diary + Possibilities Play Pack + Days of Possible Webinar

          • To bring your possibilities to life in 2018, join executive coach, small business consultant, and Daring Way facilitator, Kylie Lewis (founder Of Kin & Days of Possible, author of The Leap Stories), in an exclusive webinar only available to Days of Possible customers. Tap into productivity tips, priority setting, and working with purpose and make an achievable plan for your next 90 days. (valued at $160)

        Diary + Possibilities Play Pack + Personal Coaching Call

          • To really make the most of your year, book a coaching call to explore your possibilities, commit to action and enact a plan. Using your diary as your springboard, plus additional materials exclusive to coachees, we'll spend an hour working on your ideas for 2018, and ways to overcome blockages and resistance. This is a great way to reset for the new year and propel yourself forward into leaps & possibilities. Ideal for anyone looking to #choosecourage in their lives. (valued at $330)

        Diary + Possibilities Play Pack + Days of Possible Webinar + Personal Coaching Call

          • If you'd like all the help you can get to back yourself for a true gaming changing year for you, this combination is the ultimate gift to yourself. (valued at $410)


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