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2019 Diary weekly and monthly view. Simple, minimalist, limited edition, eco-friendly, designer.

Days of Possible Diary 2019 (limited edition)

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A beautifully designed and carefully considered minimalist 2019 weekly and monthly diary for curious, creative, wholehearted entrepreneurial business types.






Weekly View

    • Vertical week to a view layout over a double page spread
    • Dot grid layout
    • Timed intervals
    • Space for daily/weekly notes
    • Starts on Monday
Monthly View
    • Month to a view over a double page spread
    • Grouped at back of diary


    • Provocation page: Belief
    • Provocation page: A User Manual For Me
    • Provocation page: Energy Management
    • Provocation page: Hot Spotting
    • Provocation page: WOOP Goal Setting
    • Provocation page: Just Like Me Meditation
    • Space to think pages
    • Love Letter to my future self


        • B5 size (25.5cm high x 20cm wide, inc wiro binding)
        • Bronze spiral binding to open flat, and store a pen
        • Lush green cover to signify growth and deep potential
        • Copper deboss cover text
        • Slim round elastic enclosure
        • Internal back pocket
        • Highly rated eco paper
        • Designed, printed and handbound in Melbourne, Australia




            2019 Diary + New Year Personal Coaching Call

              • To really make the most of your year, book a coaching call to explore your possibilities, commit to action and enact a plan. Using your diary as your springboard, plus additional materials exclusive to coachees, we'll spend an hour working on your ideas for 2019, and ways to overcome blockages and resistance. This is a great way to reset for the new year and propel yourself forward into leaps & possibilities. Ideal for anyone looking to #choosecourage in their lives. (valued at $330)

            2019 Diary + 3 Personal Coaching Calls

              • If you'd like all the help you can get to back yourself for a true gaming changing year for you, this combination is the ultimate gift to yourself. Uncover your possibilities, build momentum forward and make your goals come to life. (valued at $830)

            2019 Diary  + The Leap Stories Book

              • For possible leap takers and big-hearted change makers, grab the diary and book bundle to get inspired and plan out your jump into 2019.



              A Note From The Creator
              and so we are here to being anew.
              to pick up the pen and write the next season. 
              these are the days.
              the long ones, the hard ones, the bad hair ones.
              the ones that flash by in a heartbeat.
              the ones that leave indelible traces.
              the ones you never to want to end.
              the ones that push you to the ground.
              and every single one, lived.
              while no plan survives its impact with reality,
              a bad plan is better than no plan.
              don’t worry about trying to do it all perfectly.
              progress is what matters.
              small wins count. and add up over time.
              never be afraid to change.
              let go of judgement and comparison.
              let me give you a dose of courage and insight,
              and see where it takes you.
              you will never regret being brave with your life.
              design it with gusto and grace.
              live it with fierceness and kindness.
              love it with all you have.
              lovingly, kylie

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